Glasinacka kolica

In the year of 1880, during the construction of a new road from Podromanija to Rogatica, at the place called Han Šarenac, the cult „Carts of Glasinac“ were found, with a few objects of great significance, made of bronze.

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Picnic sites

Buk Kaljina

Before it joins the somewhat stronger river Bioštica, water Kaljine has made a real miracle. The forces of waterfalls deepened and widened the pool in the splitting of rocks, thus creating a strange area, a sort of a beach.

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Orlovača cave is the only tourist cave in the Republic of Srpska. It is located in Sumbulovac, 900 meters from the main road Sarajevo- Sokolac. The cave was known in biospeleogically literature a long time ago.

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Video presentation

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Fun Zone


Visit Sokolac and pleasant to spend time in our restaurants.

On the main road Sokolac-Rogatica, about 6 km away from Sokolac, there is a discotheque called „Wizard“. With the local celebrity appearances and promotional prizes of drinks we guarantee you a good time and a pleasant company. 

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