How familiar are you with the cultural and historical heritage of the environment in which you live?

When we mention Sokolac, the first associations related to the cultural and historical heritage are the necropolises of stećak tombstones in Luburić polje and Bjelosavljevići. The fact which is less known for the general public is that, according to the data from the Archaeological Lexicon of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1988, there are about 140 officially registered archaeological sites on the territory of the municipality of Sokolac. These are mainly prehistoric forts and tumuli and medieval necropolises of stećak tombstones.

It is our intention to present some of these sites to you in the coming period and give our contribution to saving them from oblivion.

On the way to the village of Jabuka, about 22 km away from Sokolac, on the slope above the village, there is the site of Mramorje, a necropolis with 102 stećak tombstones ( 26 slabs, 60 chests and 16 gables). The monuments are moderately carved, several samples have been cut, bent or sunk into the ground. They are placed in the North-South direction, arranged in rows. 7 samples are decorated- 1 plate, 4 chests and 2 gables. In addition to crosses ( 3 stylized crosses), double spirals, apples and twisted ribbons, which can be seen several times, ordinary borders, ribbons made of oblique parallels and twisted wreaths also appear here as relief motifs. One gable has two pedestrals.

A richly decorated gable stands out for its beauty. In addition to the twisted ribbon that is made on all sides, there are also spirals and apples that are on the back. There is a motif of a hand holding a sword on n side and on the other there is a human figure holding a spear. Not far from that figure there is a bow motif.