Mladen Borovcanin and Aleksandar Macar, the two hardworking young men from Sokolac , have done so much in a short time for tourism development in Romanija region.

They founded kayak club and horse riding school. They are skippers and breeders and riding teachers at the same time, and modest young men who don’t like to talk about themselves, as Srpskainfo writes.

Their kayak club that would be named „ Romanija“ , of course, is still in the beggining phase ,as Aleksandar and Mladen said. But the skills they use to paddle their kayaks down the river Biostica is far away from the beginner.

When they decided this summer to offer their services to tourists , they have been surprised themselves by the interest of tourists.

– Almost every day we had two kayak tours. We had our local guests , but also Czechs and Poles from EUFOR baze in Sarajevo came here. We even had a Mexican as our guest. They all were delighted by our kayak tour and by the beauties of this area.- said Mladen for Srpskainfo.

Aleksandar adds that picturesque river Biostica has three stages in its flow. In the first stage , from its spring to village of Knezina , their kayaks sail. Further on, the river enters the canyon ,which, as many people claim, is one of the most beautiful in Europe. In the lower course , the river calms down again and flows to Olovo, where it is joined by Stupacnica and thus the river Krivaja is formed.

While rowing the kayak tourists can see otters, herons, wild ducks. There are beavers also, who build dams on the river , but it is difficult to see them. These animals hide, as soon as they sense that people are nearby.

The sailing starts not far from the small, magistical waterfall and nearby the old, abandoned watermill , where long time ago ,before the previous civil war , the movie „Thirts“ was made.

– The trail for the kayak tour is five kilometers long, and the tour lasts for three hours. There is no reason to rush, this is not a race. – said Aleksandar for Srpskainfo.

Whoever likes to race can go to the village of Baltici , if the one is a skilled rider, of course. But, in this small manege in this village, there is also a space for those who don’t know anything about horse riding, but they want to learn this skill. The guests will be welcomed here by Aleksandar and Mladen as well. And their small stable.

English gallopers , Nicholas and Nikita Lady, and Vihor as well, the American Quarter horse, are reserved for those who know what riding is. The Bosnian fellow Misko, little calmed and patient horse , serves mostly for the training of the beginners.

There are also two Shetland ponies , that belong to the type of the smallest horses in the world and with which the children are impressed. What it looks like when a small rider and a small horse join together, a six- year-old Vanja Macar, showed us:

I’m not affraid, and why would I be? Do you see that he is smaller than me?- said this cute boy.

As Aleksandar and Mladen explained, these small ponies have the longest lifespan: – if they are healthy and well cared for, they can live up to 60 years.

They will surely live a long and happy life in Romanija, because here they have everything a horse’s soul could wish for: spacious pastures, clear water and a warm, comfortable barn.

– We always had horses in the household, so I thought why wouldn’t we get a few purebred specimens and try a riding school – says Mladen.

So these young men tried and – succceeded. They are particulary proud of Nicholas , the horse with a serious pedigree ,who originates from Ireland and has his own pedirgee. No wonder Nikita Lady is obviously in love with him. And, as it seems , love is mutual , so they look at each other all the time. They are so beautiful when they gallop together.

It still isn’t too late to take the advantage of the last vibrations of the summer days to paddle kayak down the magical river Biostica to idyllic village of Knezina , which is the birthplace of our popular singer Halid Beslic. Or, you can ride a horse throw green meadows of Romanija. Truly, the season is over , but Aleksandar and Mladen are always ready to welcome their sudden guests.

Riding class costs 20 BAM.

Mladen Borovcanin and Aleksandar Macar said that a class in their manege for beginners is 20 BAM. Experienced riders, who know about horses and do not need a teacher, are offered off-road riding, outside the manege, at a price of 25 BAM per hour.

They say they have plenty of work to do. In summer, the tourists come , who after visiting the sights, flying a hang glider , kayaking or climbing the ferrata on Crvene stijene, want to complete the experience with a riding tour.

– We have guests from Sokolac and from all region. They mostly bring their children , so we can teach them to ride. However, it is the tradition in this region. – said Mladen.

For riding school classes , both boys and girls are interested, and the youngest riders start their lessons with ponies.