Specific natural circumstances, as well as the mountaineering spirit of the people of Romanija, affected the development of adventure tourism, as an integral tourist product of the municipality of Sokolac.

Extreme sports and facilities have their fans in this area, and the world recognizes the excellent conditions for these activities. Paragliding and kite flying are one of these sports, and Romanija with its rocks due to the wind and position is a great place to take off. Recently an enviable flight of 100.2 kilometers from Romanija to Zlatibor was realized.

Enduro motorcycle races and rides in the wider area of Romanija are also part of the offer and charm of this mountain. Guests from all over Europe come with their motorbikes to this mountain of brave people.

Driving with four-wheelers or quads is also becoming more and more popular, for which there is a great interest of the local population in the area of the municipality of Sokolac, and an even better offer for renting these vehicles.

A municipality with over 600 kilometers of macadam roads, and not to mention forest roads and panths in the municipality with an area of 700 km2, are enough guarantees for exciting rides through untouched nature.

The officials of Sokolac Municipality state that , out of all the capacities built for this type of tourism, it is important to point out the infrastructure that enables freee climbing along the Crvene stijene, which is, as they say, a rarity in this area.

Ferrata Sokolov put in a short time became attractive to all mountaineers and nature lovers. It is in fact a well-maintained path along the rocks, fortified with steel aids, its length of ferrata is 350 meters and with two suspension bridges it is a unique attraction in the Republic of Srpska.

According to this local community, long-term planning for the development of adventure in Sokolac includes mountain biking, hiking, riding quads, kites, paragliding and in the near future there will be parachuting, from the airport at Glasinac.

Protected clear and clean rivers Bioštica and Kaljina are ideal for enjoying fishing, as well as for fly fishing competitions.

Hunting tourism has been a trademark of Romanija for a long time, a place where bear and wolf hunting is especially attractive. Hunters from all over Europe regularly visit Sokolac and enjoy what Romanija has to offer.

When all of this is taken into account, it is clear why one of the main strategic goals of the municipality of Sokolac is further work on the development of tourism. Due to its geographical position, natural resources and rich history, Sokolac has excellent conditions for the development of tertiary economic activity.

Clean nature and healthy climate, hospitable and cordial local population, rich offer of traditional cuisine, cultural and historical heritage and encounter with the customs of this area of brave people, are some of the tourist advantages of this area.

In order to improve the tourist offer in the municipality of Sokolac, the idea of developing one of the most attractive locations in the immediate vicinity of the city center- Special Purpose Forest „Taline“ is being developed.

The competent services have started work related to the preparation of a public call for the development of a conceptual solution for tourism development and the transition from the „ Special Purpose Forest“ to the „Taline“ Forest Park, which represents a greater degree of protection and preservation, with the construction of special facilities.

The officials of Sokolac Municipality state that the solution should include the construction of an artificial lake, trim trails, hiking trails, riding trails, sleigh rides with a carriage, motor sports and other outdoor terrains.

„ The conceptual solution should also offer a project of space for a weekend settlement around the lake, a hotel, a motel for the elderly, a rehabilitation center, a wedding salon and a catering facility, ie an access road from the existing road, widening of the lane and lighting to the ethno settlement „Kum“, as well as the construction of a bridge from the park to to this catering settlement“, they tell us from Sokolac Municipality.

Another important pillar of tourism in this area is Sokolov grad at Ravna Romanija. The basic idea is that only the urban core of Sokolac will be a link between the special purpose forest, soon Taline Forest Park and Sokolov Grad,

Milovan Bjelica, the mayor of Sokolac Municipality, believes that this pandemic has once gain shown the importance of preserved nature and man’s return to a healthy lifestyle. That certainly represents what is called „active vacation“ in the world.

Guided by this, they created an offer for al residents of big cities, people from our diaspora and their friends, to buy a land at Romanija and build their nest there, either permanently or at least for vacations.

„ The construction of Sokolov Grad , originally planned in the form of an ethno village,has been corrected into a kind of resort or mountain resort that will complement the contents of the ferry, hiking, paragliding and general rest in silence and nature near Jahorina, the hustle and crowd that is increasingly present there. Our famous director Emir Kusturica has been involved in this business since the beginning,“ Bjelica pointed out.

With the planned further construction of a fast road through Romanija, the connection between the Olympic mountain Jahorina and famous mountain Romanija will be of better quality, while the future owners of apartments at Romanija will quickly arrive for skiing.